Strategic vision and planning

Our approach is based on long term planning with a particular focus on our clients' bottom line. This unique philosophy enables us to increase the immediate value of our clients not only via their sporting career and marketing visibility but also through the value of their assets.

Business Management

We set out our capabilities with the intention of fulfilling two very important objectives. Maximising our clients' active career during their day to day activity, and aim at building mid to long term tools to maximise the assets both from a brand and financial perspective.

Financial Services

All our financial advising is provided in house through our own licensed financial advisors.

  • Asset Evaluation and management
    • Financial Reviews
    • Asset inventory and valuation
    • Accounting
    • Lending
    • Budgeting
  • Wealth Management
    • Financial advising and planning
    • Wealth building programs
    • Retirement and insurance advising
Commercial Services
  • Day to day business management
  • Contract negotiation and enforcement
    • Sporting
    • Insurance
    • Commercial
  • Legal Planning
  • New business strategies
Marketing Services

Our marketing services are aimed at amplifying our client's visibility to accelerate their professional career and increase the value of their brand throughout and beyond their career.

Brand Management
  • Personal Sports marketing strategy and plan
    • Brand creation and management
    • Sponsorship attraction programs
  • Brand diversification strategies
  • Fan Club and social media strategies
  • One to one endorsement and advocacy programs
    • Affinity and relevance based
    • Ad hoc proposals
  • Negotiation closure
    • End to end service from concept creation to contract closure
  • Relationship management
    • Sponsor servicing on and off events
      • All year round relationship building
      • At event management
Sporting Services

Sporting services provide strategic support for career progression and communication services to maximise the performance during the practice of our Clients' disciplines.

Career Planning
  • Objectives and milestones definition
  • Short and mid term action plan and career definition
  • KPI identification
  • Team selections (locally, nationally and internationally)
Communications Services
  • Promotion plan and implementation
  • Public Relation strategy and plan
    • Career relevant implementation plan
  • Media training
  • Media relations management